I don't really update this page much anymore. You can find the current financial situation on this forum thread. biscoRADIO uses paypal as the preferred method of contribution.

If you do not have a paypal account, it is easy and free to set one up.
If you would rather send a check or cash in the mail here's my Mailing Address:
PO Box 5051
Naperville, IL 60567-5051
checks should be made out to Rob Fischer

biscoRADIO is financially supported entirely by the generous contributions of its listeners.
biscoRADIO is not affiliated with, endorsed, or supported by the Disco Biscuits.
biscoRADIO is entirely non-profit.
As of September 13, 2007, current financials are as follows
Monthly Bandwidth Bills ($60 per month)$295 (september included)
current money in the pot for bandwidth$0

2007-09-13 :: Thanks to all the recent contributors : Craig, Captain_Kirk, Ross, underdogg, liverlobes, mr phunky805, bolinasbrown, biscorbit, tranceient, jimmyT, phelps, and I'm sure I'm missing some, but I'd have to look through old emails and whatnot to figure them out, and I'm very lazy right now and need to just get this page updated or it won't happen. 2007-04-16 :: Thanks to abbysgroove for her contribution!
2007-04-09 :: Thanks to daniel, mike, mr_phunky805, and tsunamikai for the recent contributions. Between these 4 people we brought in $215 in the last month, bringing our debt from $392 down to $237 ($60 for april's bandwidth)...
2007-03-08 :: Um... I changed the format of this, since I only update it about once every 6 months or so... Since August '06, I've been paying the majority of these bills on my own. So, right now I've paid out $392 in the last 8 months, and gotten $88 in donations, with $30 of it from one person. biscoRADIO is definitely a money losing proposition. Oh well. I figure if I get to the $500 in the hole mark, it'll be time to shut down until money is raised to cover the losses. Hopefully this won't happen.

2007 contributors - daniel, liverlobes, phelps, andy, david, jason, (and one more mail in, have to get the name, sorry!)...

2006 contributors - Gedit, Jordan M, secan, duffman, James T, John V, cityboy, tweety, kindjordan, chrisk, _Vader_, rift20, gerbs211, jon g, digitalbuddhaaa, iris, tsnamikai(ed), PhillyDan, motley, cookedw, apedaddy, chris, sickets, sunny_d, spencer, john, liverlobes, works4jah, phelps, nefertiti, ryan, daniel, LittleBetty, KMannn, jeff, underdogg, vonny_sod, john mccook, biscodoctor, balding yoda, kimber, velvet crush.

2005 contributors
Thanks for the sparkling contributions from HSTZappa, keens and DiscHo! (December)
Thanks for the contributions from Debbie, Hatgis, James and Silverboogaloo.(November)
I really appreciate all the generous contributions.
If you have a show in mp3 form that you think biscoradio must play, email me and I'll give you info to upload it via ftp.
Thanks again for the contributions!