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06-06-2002 : Electron : Philadelphia, PA
Theatre of the Living Arts

Contributed by: BernieBoop
Last Played: 8/22/2010
Current Votes: 112
Total Votes: 316

Source: DSBD
Transfer: Tascam MKII > Waveterminal2496 > CDWAV > SHN>Wavelab 5.0> FLAC16

Recorded by Richie Taliani
Transferred by Tom Bozzo (
Edited, retracked, and re-encoded by Chris Killian 2005-01-08
Set II
1. Fearless ->
2. Confrontation ->
3. Home Again ->
4. Confrontation

Electron is comprised of:

Marc Browstein (The Disco Biscuits)
Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past)
Tom McKee (Brothers Past)
Joe Russo (Fat Mama, the Duo)

** the original soundboard copy of the DAT contains some major flaws.
only the second set of this show is being distributed due to the errors.
however, of the whole show, this is the disc to have.