11-16-2002 : The Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars : San Francisco, CA
Studio Z (formally Transmission Theatre)

Contributed by: Jimmy Steifel and Larry Narachi
Last Played: 5/6/2010
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Total Votes: 356
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Transfer by Larry Narachi `taperachi` -

Thanks to Poco Marshall ( for enabling this recording

Seeded by Marco Walsh ( on 11/17/2002

Pure improv - no song titles

Santa Cruz Hemp AllStars is:

Aron Magner (Disco Biscuits): Keyboards
Jason Concepcion (Netwerk:Electric): Guitar
Zach Velmer (Sound Tribe Sector 9): Drums
John "Whoolilicious!" Whooley (Estradasphere): Sax, vocals
David Murphy (STS9): Bass
Jeffree Lerner (STS9): Hand drums, percussion
Thomas Stambrough: Writer
Poco Marshall: "Poco"